MICK x Leon Bridges

I’m excited to announce the release of my latest creative music project: MICK + Leon Bridges: Coming Home To Texas Leon is, to me, the new artist of the year. The guy who is going to win all the Grammys. The guy you’re going to hear in all the TV commercials. An icon in the making.

His album has such a iconic soul foundation… and is widely considered a classic.

I thought it would be interesting to update the formula slightly, and make it more contemporary but still timeless. So I dug in the crates and re-conceptualized various Texas hip-hop and soul classics into new updated textures for Leon to sing on. Think legends like UGK, Scarface and DJ Screw.

It’s truly crazy… and the best thing I have ever done.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed putting it together.

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