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How to Set Google Chrome or any other browser as default on your Android phone

Open the Settings on your phone.
Tap on the Apps and under this menu, look for default apps.
Tap on the Default apps.
Now, look for the Internet Browser.
Then, select the Google Chrome from the list or any other that you want to set.
After that, exit the menu.
That’s it, you’ve successfully set the Google Chrome as your default Internet browser on your Android phone. Similarly, you can switch between different browsers on your phone.

So, one step is completed. Now, we can proceed further and set a default homepage on the Internet browser that we use.

How to set a homepage on Internet browser [ content:// ]

Open the Internet browser that you use.
Now, tap on the three-dot menu.
Then, tap on Settings.
Now, look for the General Settings.
Under this menu, you should find ‘Set Homepage’ option.
Tap on it and enter the URL that you want to set as the Homepage.
Exit the Settings.

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